10:00 – 10:35 Welcome Note & Panel Session

How has the pandemic shaped the future of Digital and how the threats have evolved?
• How has moving towards accelerated digital transformation impacted the cyber security landscape and how will this evolve in 2022?
• How to prepare to protect your organization as we continue to scale remote work?
• How to re-define transformation with the cybersecurity as a part of the digital agenda?
• What security standards can we look to apply as a part of application architecture development and deployment to ensure resilience?
• Moving to the cloud – What are the contract clauses and provisions to evaluate in order protect your data and minimize risk?


10:40 – 11:00 Keynote Presentation

Human Firewall Program - A Risk Based Program for Management of Human Risk


Khaled Omar Al Gakhlab

Abdul Latif Jameel Finance

Ed Sleiman

Chief Information Security Officer,

Tawfiq Almutairi

Security Infrastructure Management Director, Mobily

Abdelmuhaimn Mohamed

Head of Information Security, Rawabi Holding Group

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